Chapter 10

We are dealing with the so called policy crisis in South Africa and I’m writing a video letter to Moody’s. Moody’s say that South Africa’s policy is bad, but I prove that the policy is good, but the implementation bad.

Anton Eberhart and Grove Steyn are two Energy Experts. What have they been saying to Eskom for 20 years. Why aren’t Eskom listening to them, but still employing them.

And what about all the private Active Citizen Scientists and Experts who are providing free advice to Eskom. Why aren’t Eskom listening?

What is the reason for electricity? To employ people in the energy industry? Or for the people who depend on the energy industry?

Looking at “Competition and Regulation in the Electricity Supply Industry” written by Mr Eberhard in 2000.

What is the quickest way to fix South Africa?

Has Eskom’s Culture changed in the past 100 years? Eskom’s 100 year anniversary is in 2023.

Why do Eskom’s power stations fail?

It’s because our power stations aren’t matched with our coal.

Information asymmetry. Why didn’t the ANC government change Eskom’s culture?

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