Video Resource Naming Convention

The first file name is

A1 1000 Policy 1998 White Paper on Energy Policy

Here is the Syntax:-

<A><1> <1000> <Policy> <1998 White Paper on Energy Policy>


A is the section on Policy and Law: Policy for a government is Strategy for the rest of us; Law for government are the guiding principles that should allow for the implementation of Policy. For me a simple definition of Law is "Law should keep us safe (from ourselves)", eg don't put your finger in a plug; use the right sized cable; ensure the fuse is the correct one for AC or DC; use the right fuse with the right curve for motors, etc.

B is the section on Translation: Translation is Professional Commentary mainly by people directly in the energy industry, eg well know professors, consultants, organisations, think tanks, etc.

C is Commentary: This is usually Commentary by Active Citizens and other interested people, who perhaps don't have a degree in energy or aren't (electrical) engineers.

<1> as in <A><1> or A1 or A2

A1 is the sub-section on Policy

A2 is the sub-section on Law


<1000> is a sequencing number that I use to Group Different types of documents together within the section or sub-sequence and to keep the documents in the order I want to present them.


Policy is the section or sub-section name, i.e. Policy, Law, Translation, Commentary.

<1998 White Paper on Energy Policy>

This is the document name, which describes the actual content of the document.

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